Antonietta Ballerini is an emerging self-taught artist passionate about collage and mixed media. After a long career in administration and amid the challenges of a pandemic that swept the globe, Antonietta revived her lifelong love of art. A Canadian-born second-generation Italian, she grew up in the countryside in the Montérégie Québec region. Antonietta relished running in the open fields, drawing images in her mind, and connecting to the land and the marvels of the changing seasons. To this day, nature continues to stimulate Antonietta's imagination, teaching her to see things differently and solve problems creatively. Antonietta Ballerini works primarily with reclaimed elements to convey a purpose of belonging through a dynamic visual language that transcends the world of material existence and everyday reality.





"When I look at a blank canvas, a pile of books and magazines, a pair of scissors, paint, and a bottle of glue, I feel that childlike sense of wonder all over again. There is an immediacy to join with the creative essence that wants to come through the art. I love repurposing old and used materials, giving them a new life, and ultimately, a broader meaning and touch of beauty. Sustainable practices are an essential part of my work. The endeavor of painting with paper and mixed media feels like discovering parts of an unknown landmark while its entire landscape mysteriously and simultaneously unfolds. Each imaginative journey begins by nurturing the soulful flow of curiosity and experimentation. I fancy the exploration of raw materials, cutting, sorting, and revisiting them before starting a collage and painting. With various elements on hand, I take risks randomly pasting pieces of paper, colors, and other mediums depending on the style of the day, enabling forms, patterns, textures, and images to arise, composing layers, and repeating the process when necessary. There is rarely a fixed-end design in mind, and perfection is not the goal. Connection drives the evolution of the work as a dialogue culminates between the senses, my higher self and the art. Although subjects may be abstract, I somehow find a lifetime of emotion and experiences making their way into my artwork."

“My artwork happens intuitively and organically like a string of magical currents connecting to a higher grid; each piece manifests itself."