Collage art Collection

Welcome to my creative universe of handmade collages and artworks.  I'm a dedicated artist working primarily within an eco-conscious mindset.  Nature and the environment are sacred to me, and the need to preserve them, means I choose to recycle and repurpose materials as much as possible. It's a tiny step in the grand scheme of things, but it's my way of giving back while doing what I love.   


Abstract paintings COLLECTION
I'm currently working on a contemporary abstract painting series grounded in textured warm minimalism. These artworks designed with aesthetic urban palettes are made from collage and mixed media techniques on canvas. Each painting conveys a rhythmic harmony and tonality.   Here's a sneak peek:

Painting_Rising From the Light.jpg


Painting_Rising From the Light_homedecor.jpg

Emerging From the Light
36 H x 36 W x 3 D in